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Doctor Zapata - Promo Mix September 2012 with Video
September 12, 2012 06:05 AM PDT
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So this is how I do it. No fixes, no premixing, all done by hand and by ear. I picked some tracks, played mixing them to hear if they work together, replaced some of them, played with the order, and recorded it. This time a put a camera to get it on video.

I replaced the audio track of the video file so it sounds better. The original audio is muddy and has a lot of background noises.

I hope you all like it. Any questions or comments on what I did or how I did it, let me know.

There is a audio only version that you can download from the following link

Dont forget to "like" my Facebook page if you like what I do at!/ . Kudos if you already liked it.


Dr. Zapata


1. Hamid ft. Valentina - If I (Inxec & Andrei Osyka)
2. Dj Phono - Gone (David August Vocal Mix)
3. Deep Mind - True (Original Mix)
4. Affkt - Lost Key (Original Mix)
5. Anil Chawla - Tandrum (Original Mix)
6. Andy Kohlmann & Rene Bourgeois - Blonde Flute (Original Mix)
7. Axel Bartsch - Prophetic Dreams (AKA AKA & Thalstroem Remix)
8. Diroma - Minimal Joy (Original Mix)
9. Martin Buttrich - Rocket (Original Mix)

Doctor Zapata - Prescription Music 3 (Febrero 23, 2012)
February 23, 2012 07:35 PM PST
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Hello guys,

I present you here with a new episode which is the third installment in my Prescription Music series. For the Prescription Music series I mix Tech-House.

This episode is one of my finest. I like this genre; along with Minimal they are my favorite things to mix. I practice mixing these rhythms a lot, thus I believe it is what I do best.

I bring you ten tracks, some new, some older, from producers and record labels from all over. Avilo’s track makes me proud as it was released by Tenampa Recordings ( a small record label from my hometown.

I hope you like this episode and as always, pass it along to anyone who may appreciate it.

Don’t forget to like my facebook page if you haven’t done so already.



1.Kristyan Barx – Weber Flute (Joe Maleda Remix)
2.Ramon Tapia – Yeah Yeah (Original Mix)
3.Mendo – Inocencia (Original Mix)
4.Avilo – Dolor (Original Mix)
5.Joy Fagnani – Baila Conmigo (Original Mix)
6.Anil Chawla – Tandrum (Original Mix)
7.Daniele Kama – Batida De Groove (Radu F & Mikael Remix)
8.J-Valencia & Johan Dresser – Old Pogo (Original Mix)
9.Jean Claude Ades – Down Down (Original Mix)
10.Hector Couto – Balada De Sueños (Original Mix)

Doctor Zapata - Minimality 2 (Enero 22, 2012)
January 22, 2012 06:41 PM PST
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Hey I'm back,

I enjoyed the holidays a lot. Now its time to get back to work.

I love minimal, its soooo nice. So here is another episode for you to enjoy.

Just play it and do somethign else, you will start getting the beat into you and before you relize it you will be moving your body at the rhythm of the beat.

I hope you like it and if you do please share it and "like" my facebook page at


1. Sascha Braemer - She Is It (Original Mix)
2. Ted Dettman - Together (Joe Maker Remix)
3. The Sushi Club - Myriad (Makoto Remix)
4. Schlepp Geist - Stupid Guy (Derek Marin Remix)
5. Boris Brejcha - Sugra Baby (Original Mix)
6. Do Santos - Airport (DJ PP Remix)
7. Jeison Torres & Nando Schaeffer - Loujack (Nood Remix)
8. Andrea Roma - Pi Pi Pi (Original Mix)
9. Citizen Kain - Jetlag (Da Fresh Remix)

Doctor Zapata - Prescription Music 2 (Diciembre 12, 2011)
December 12, 2011 09:58 PM PST
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A new episode is here for December. Tech-House it is. Simple, I love this genre, bouncy, sophisticate, with enough energy to put you in a good mood but not too much to blow your brains out.

All the tracks in this set I consider them good, no filler tracks. Some are more popular than others but for non-connoisseurs they will all be new and interesting. Da Fresh, Joris Voorn, Nic Faniulli and Olivier Giacomotto are some big hitters. The last track from Guti is one of my favorite tracks lately, the piano melody and the gibberish vocals are very good to my opinion, and the acoustics are superb.

I recorded this set in one shot, so excuse my mistakes and the buffer errors from my lame PC. I sometimes find some tracks hard to beat match and I use a Netbook (yes, an ASUS eee PC Netbook) to record my stuff.

If you like this small set, pass it around and please like my Facebook page

By the way, there is another picture of the Columbus area, this time it is the Olentangy River, this is how it looks around this time.



1. Da Fresh & Michel Spoon - Three Days (Original Mix)
2. Mick Rubin - Rude Boy (Original Mix)
3. Joris Voorn & Nic Fanciulli - Together (Original Mix)
4. Marco Lys - Go (Original Mix)
5. Olivier Giacomotto - Zoomanity (Original Mix)
6. Chase Buch & Nick Olivetti - Locongas (Jay Lumen Recreation)
7. Lucas Keiser - Terraform (DJ Smilk & DJ Wady Remix)
8. Deetron - Starblazer (Original Mix)
9. Guti - All The Girls (Original Mix)

Doctor Zapata - Prescription Music (Agosto 14, 2011)
August 14, 2011 03:32 PM PDT
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New episode here and this time it's some Tech-House for you. Tech-House is one of my favorite EDM genres. It makes me get on a good mood, it makes me feel good. I love it. But, what is Tech-House? To make it simple, it's a combination of Techno rhythmic patterns but with the groovy feeling of House music. Tech-House incorporates many different sounds into complex bass lines. Tech-House does not surprise you it sneaks up in you with its rhythm.

Do the same with this episode as you did with the last one, play it while doing something else, don't play it too loud, let the rhythm get into you. Listen to it while in your car, while you exercise, while you work, let the rhythm get your body moving. This is not a scandalous genre so you are not likely to get pumped to the max by listening to it, but it will get you in the mood to get there. I prefer to play music that makes you feel good than music that gets you crazy.

Even when I'm not a Medical Doctor, Doctor Zapata can prescribe you some good music. I hope you like this episode. Some of the tracks I present are my favorite ones lately. Don't forget to like my Facebook page, it makes it easier for me to connect with you that way. If you already did, thanks. Also, I would appreciate any donations as tracks are not cheap and I like to support the artists that produce them by buying legal files.

Enjoy the music, feel the rhythm.


1. Arnaud Le Texier - Rue Oscar Roty (Original Mix)
2. Butch - Reshef (BNZO Remix)
3. DJ Phono - Knarhcslhuk Mi Ttinhcsfua Hcon Ebah Hci (Original Mix)
4. Pleasurekraft - Carny (Heartik & Rainer Weichhold Theatre Remix)
5. Andy Kohlman & Rene Bourgeois - Blonde Flute (Original mix)
6. Ferreck Dawn - Kabeya (Original Club Mix)
7. Jamie Fisher - Flow (Lissat & Voltaxx Remix)
8. Nic Fanciulli & Joris Voorn - Together (Original Mix)
9. Sebastien Leger - Polymod (Original Mix)

Doctor Zapata - Minimality (Julio 30, 2011)
July 30, 2011 07:50 PM PDT
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One more episode is here. This time, more Minimal. I used not to like this genre too much; however, it got into me. It is a great mood setter; it has the enough bounciness to get you moving but remains very simple and easy to listen.

The way you listen to this genre is, you pay attention to the melody and the patterns, patterns change at regular intervals and add, or subtract to the rhythm. Your brain will recognize the patterns automatically so you don't have to think too hard.

This genre may be hard for people who listen only to commercial music, commercial music is designed to entertain most people and most people have a short attention span (sorry). Commercial music is usually structured to contain everything it needs to stand alone and is independent of other tracks. The structure of commercial music rarely builds up for anything longer than a single track. This is not the case with Minimal, and other similar genres where individual tracks play a part of a whole and complement with each other to build a journey, a story. This is one of the biggest challenges for an artistically creative DJ. DJs should not be jukeboxes.

Play this mix while you do something else. Don’t play it too loud, let it be your background sound. If you catch yourself moving to the beat or if you suddenly stop what you’re doing to listen to the music it will mean I did good job. If not, try again some other day or try a different mix. I will make more episodes like this.

I hope you enjoy what I mixed for you.


1. Andhim - AleeFee (Original Mix)
2. Noreuil - Solid Armor (Original Mix)
3. Joe Maker - Minimal Happiness (Original Mix)
4. Kobaalt - Just Simply (Avrosse Remix)
5. Prompt - Walk With Me (Original Mix)
6. Estelle Branca - Three Days In Paris (Original Mix)
7. Gaiser - Unstable Witness (Original Mix)
8. Isman Loeschner - Domino (Derek Marin Domina Remix)
9. Matt Minimal - The Sky Was Green (Original Mix)

PS. There is a very dorky melody in one of the tracks. If you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or an Android device you will recognize it right away. If you have one of those devices and you can’t recognize it, you should try to turn the device on once in a while. If you recognize the track, please leave a message below, you don’t need to sign up to do so. Hint, it is one of the first 5 tracks.

Doctor Zapata - Video Game Lounge Mix (Junio 21, 2011)
June 21, 2011 07:03 PM PDT
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This episode is another special request. A friend who is new in the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) suggested me to do some mix with music from videogames. Usually when a person is introduced to EDM his first music exploration circles around remixes of familiar music from other genres. People start getting familiar with EDM music and after that they start listening to more complex tracks.

Video game music is not an exemption, we were all hooked up at some point in our lives to video games, some still are, and the tunes are so iconic and easy to recognize that they are part of our culture. After those long hours playing video games, the music got embedded on our minds. Every time we listen to that video game music, memories and some of the nostalgia of that time come back to our minds.

A mix about video game music was a great idea, so I decided to take the challenge. As I looked for tracks to include in this mix I noticed that tracks produced at an amateur level were mostly of bad quality. Because of that I decided to search only for professionally produced tracks that were up to higher quality standards. I found several good tracks in the Minimal genre. You can look in Wikipedia for a description of the Minimal genre. I am unfamiliar with Minimal but the tunes were so cool that I decided to do a Minimal mix. The last track is not really Minimal but it was also so cool that I put it in.

Also, I would appreciate any donations as tracks in Beatport are not cheap. Any amount will be appreciated; you can send it to my Pay Pal account by following the link on the right side of the screen on my main podcast page.

So enjoy the tunes and share the link with anyone that would appreciate it.


1. Derek Marin - Main Theme (Original Mix) METROID
2. Derek Marin - Power Up (Original Mix) METROID
3. Dani Sbert - Street Fighter (Original Mix) STREET FIGHTER 2
4. Tony Kairom - The Legend Of Mario Brothers (Original Mix) SUPER MARIO BROS.
5. Alex Spadoni - Pac Man (Original Mix) PAC MAN
6. Fonika - Whi Killed Tetris (Original Mix) TETRIS
7. Zedd - The Legend of Zelda (Original Mix) THE LEGEND OF ZELDA